Meet the team

The Founders:

Kitty and

We’re Kitty and Craig - the co-founders of NuStrength.

 In 2015 we stumbled across each other and the work of Dr. Ray Peat and Emma Sgourakis - The Nutrition Coach. Craig is a PT and has always had a love and passion for strength training. At that time, Kitty had spent over half her life bouncing from one quick fix diet to the next. She was exhausted, her hormones were a mess, she had digestive issues, her metabolism was wrecked and she had a terrible relationship with food.

Together, we took what we learnt about nutrition from Emma and Ray, and
combined it with Craigs strength training knowledge to develop our signature method. This
method finally freed Kitty from years of restrictive diets and excessive cardio whilst transforming
her body and health. Since then, we’ve helped 1000’s of others achieve the body and health
they’ve always wanted using the same approach.

Team Members

Victoria Hoskin
Victoria Hoskin
Operations Manager

I started my WinatLife journey
back in 2017 when I was heading
back to work after having my
first baby. I was tired,
exhausted all the time, moody
and a massive emotional binge
eater. I knew that if I was going
to be the best mum possible
something had to change! After
just a couple of short weeks I
began to feel the positive
impact of nourishing my body
with good food! I fell in love
with this program and
community and after having my
2nd baby in 2018 I left my
corporate job to join the team
here and now get to help
thousands of other women
break free just like I did!

Melissa Collins
Melissa Collins
Performance Coach

I started my Winatlife
journey 5 years ago with
the goal of healing my
body from over 20 years of
drug and alcohol abuse.
This program taught me
how to eat to heal my
metabolism and love my
body again. It also taught
me to believe in myself
and I finally realised
I am capable of living
a happy and healthy life,
something every
woman deserves.

April Orford
April Orford
Performance Coach

I am a 5 foot, proud mum of two kids who loves food, lifting and being super strong. I started my Winatlife journey before the Winatlife program was born. I fell head over heels for the entirety of what I’d just stumbled across. It showed me the truth about food, that it is healing and I learnt how to train, like really train. Winatlife has seen me through some very hard days and cleared my skin of acne which I’ve battled with on and off for most my adult life. Because of Kitty and Craig I now wake up everyday ready to kick butt, full of energy, loving what I do. I love that I get to help change women's lives.

Kathleen Knauf
Kathleen Knauf
Performance Coach

Coming from a background of under nourishing and multiple years on birth control, the pro metabolic lifestyle and way of eating has transformed my health by regulating my period. I love helping to empower women to feel confident, resilient, strong, and radiant in all aspects of their life. In my free time I love taking walks to the beach, reading, golfing, and enjoying time with friends and family.

Nyssa Bovenkamp
Nyssa Bovenkamp
Performance Coach

I have worked in health & wellness for over 20 years, and I am extremely passionate about helping other women find their self prioritisation along with building a body they love. I studied my Diploma of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine & have dedicated my spare time to learning about iron metabolism & how to help women with the health issues that come about from iron dysregulation (iron deficiency). Along with all things Pro metabolic & healing the digestive tract. I am also a Mum of 2 & enjoy navigating life as a working Mum & the busyness of having children along with looking after my own health & wellbeing as well as my clients. After being round the ring many times within my own health, you’ll find me to be quite multifaceted in my approach to coaching the women I am blessed with coaching.

Margie Arbon
Margie Arbon
Performance Coach

I’m a proud Mum of 3 and Nanna to 5
I started my Winatlife Journey back in 2018, when I was at my all time low. I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease, I had a lot of stress through work and life and my health was heading ‘south’ for the first time in my life! 
I have since learned to nourish and be kind to my body. I have learned to lift and get strong, which filters into my day-to-day life. I love feeling happy, energised and ready to tackle every day head on!!
 The best part is I wake up every day and get to work an awesome team and coach so many amazing clients, helping them to change their lives for the better!

Charlotte Todd
Charlotte Todd
Performance Coach

I'm a mum of two children and came into the WinatLife program with an endurance sports background — 100km ultramarathons, climbing expeditions in the Himalaya, US and Europe — my perfect day out was a long one in the mountains, running or climbing, or both! But after a final exhausting season trail running and racing, my body didn't feel great. My sleep was awful, there was a lot of daily stress, my 43-year-old runner's body was skinny rather than muscular, and I realised that all the long, under-fuelled running and teaching HIIT classes wasn't doing me any favours. I joined the WinatLife program wanting to focus on improving my body composition, build muscle and lose body fat, and improve my relationship with food. It's been life changing, and now I get to coach the amazing women in the program and help them to achieve their goals. It is the greatest privilege.

Jen Carman-Chart
Jen Carman-Chart
Performance Coach

I’ve been working in the fitness industry for 10 years, as a PT, coach, and massage therapist. During that time, I have trained and coached a variety of people, but a lot of them, the women mainly, all had a lot of the same struggles – constant dieting, emotional attachment to food, massive restriction with their eating. I have been lucky enough to grow up with a healthy attitude towards food and eating (thanks Mum!) and knew that this was an area where I wanted to direct my energy. Fast forward a couple of years, and I discovered Kitty and Craig on Instagram. I am now a happy member of the WinATLife Team; loving helping women realise their full potential, to love their bodies and what they eat, and to recognise the abilities their bodies have and what they can do! In my spare time I enjoy going to the beach, reading, hiking, swimming and exploring new places.

Lexy Nairn
Lexy Nairn
Tech Coach

I am a geek, a nerd, a gamer, a jock, a brainiac, a musician, a bookworm, a dissectologist, a storyteller, an Aunty, a Furmum and a sassy unicorn. I have an analytical and logical brain so I love numbers and figuring out how things work and improving them, whether it's a machine or a mathematical formula, and I love a challenge. I joined Winatlife more then 2 years ago with the goals to feel more confident in my skin and improve my sleep after more then a decade of working nights but what I also found was a family who are always there to support and care for me and I will never regret the day Kitty popped up on my Facebook and I jumped into this life.

Sarah Durdin
Sarah Durdin
Customer Success

Before my pregnancy I always considered myself a fit and healthy person. I did try several different eating plans and exercise regimes to aid me in this along the way, however I always found them a quick fix and unsustainable. After becoming a single mum and taking onboard life’s stresses, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. My Auntie having already been on the program, suggested that I try Winatlife and thus I began my journey in 2020. This program gave me the education I needed to form a good life-long foundation to building better habits around nutrition and training. On nutrition alone, it helped me overcome my Hashimoto symptoms of fatigue and weight gain and allowed me to cope with stress in life a whole lot better. 
Now as a proud member of this team, it brings me great joy to work for this amazing Company and assist the team in helping women to achieve their health/body goals in a healthy, holistic and sustainable way.

Sonia Bridgewater
Sonia Bridgewater

After following Kitty for 1.5 years, I finally started with WinAtlife as a client in Feb 2019 - THE BEST GIFT I EVER GAVE TO MYSELF! I trusted the process and gained leaned muscle, healed my digestive issues, improved sleep, energy, moods, headaches and my hair, skin and nails. Professionally, I have come in from a health promotion and mental health in recovery background. My personal journey with an Eating Disorder started from the age of 9 and continued on for many many years - crippling me from so many experiences. I am so passionate about supporting women to be free from the mental prison of never being comfortable in their own skin. It takes grit and the willingness to  learn some new habits and life skills that empower women to be strong: both mentally and physically. I have 3 beautiful boys ( sometimes !) all with special needs that teaches me to  look at health in a person-specific focus. Changing our language to strength-based around what we can't do as to what we can't do yet, or what else could we do?

Rio Almanzor
Rio Almanzor
Coaching Support

My name is Rio. I'm a "full-time-working-single-mum" based in the Philippines. I've been in the company as a remote Administrative Assistant since 2018 when the WAL community was just about, I think, 200+ members. I am proud that I have been here this long and have seen almost every milestones of the company. It's been a pleasure working with such an awesome company and gorgeous coaches whom I've never once felt I'm different despite the cultural differences and of course the distance.

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