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The Founders:

Kitty and

I spent most of my adult life dieting. I jumped from one quick fix diet to the next. Shakes, fasting, keto and low carb. You name it I’ve done it. I was obsessed with food and felt like I was either restricting or I was binge eating. I felt happiest when I was thin but I had to starve myself and train 6-7 days a week to maintain it. I had irregular and painful periods, suffered miscarriages, rarely slept through the night, was bloated and constipated and I was exhausted. That all changed in 2015 when I met Craig and stumbled across the work of Ray Peat and Emma Sgourakis. What I learnt transformed my body and health. It's now my mission to free women from restrictive diets, help them restore their metabolisms, balance their hormones and build bodies they love. - KITTY

I started my PT career back in 2012 for the very simple reason that I wanted to truly understand
what it takes at a fundamental level to achieve optimal and lifelong results. After many failed
endeavours working with different people and being told “this is what I do so you should do it too” but
with no true understanding of why I became quite disgruntled at the surface level teachings and
started on a quest for answers. Through my journey I have met, been coached by, mentored and
collaborated with some of the brightest minds and out of the box thinkers that has allowed us to
create a system unlike anything else within the industry. I have a deep passion for learning,
progression and continuing to innovate everything we do. I also love guitars and dogs


Team Members

Victoria Hoskin
Victoria Hoskin
Operations Manager

I started my WinatLife journey
back in 2017 when I was heading
back to work after having my
first baby. I was tired,
exhausted all the time, moody
and a massive emotional binge
eater. I knew that if I was going
to be the best mum possible
something had to change! After
just a couple of short weeks I
began to feel the positive
impact of nourishing my body
with good food! I fell in love
with this program and
community and after having my
2nd baby in 2018 I left my
corporate job to join the team
here and now get to help
thousands of other women
break free just like I did!

Jake Litzner
Jake Litzner
Senior Performance

I am a coach who is
obsessed with
training. What I love
about Winatlife is you
take any woman, put
her in a supportive
community with
likeminded people
and watch them
transform into the
strongest version of
themselves in and out
of the gym.

Melissa Collins
Melissa Collins
Performance Coach

I started my Winatlife
journey 3 years ago with
the goal of healing my
body from over 20 years of
drug and alcohol abuse.
This program taught me
how to eat to heal my
metabolism and love my
body again. It also taught
me to believe in myself
and I finally realised
I am capable of living
a happy and healthy life,
something every
woman deserves.

April Orford
April Orford
Performance Coach

I am a 5 foot, proud mum of two kids who loves food, lifting and being super strong. I started my Winatlife journey before the Winatlife program was born. I fell head over heels for the entirety of what I’d just stumbled across. It showed me the truth about food, that it is healing and I learnt how to train, like really train. Winatlife has seen me through some very hard days and cleared my skin of acne which I’ve battled with on and off for most my adult life. Because of Kitty and Craig I now wake up everyday ready to kick butt, full of energy, loving what I do. I love that I get to help change women's lives.

Lexy Nairn
Lexy Nairn
Tech Coach

I am a geek, a nerd, a gamer, a jock, a brainiac, a musician, a bookworm, a dissectologist, a storyteller, an Aunty, a Furmum and a sassy unicorn. I have an analytical and logical brain so I love numbers and figuring out how things work and improving them, whether it's a machine or a mathematical formula, and I love a challenge. I joined Winatlife more then 2 years ago with the goals to feel more confident in my skin and improve my sleep after more then a decade of working nights but what I also found was a family who are always there to support and care for me and I will never regret the day Kitty popped up on my Facebook and I jumped into this life.

Rio Almanzor
Rio Almanzor
Coaching Support

My name is Rio. I'm a "full-time-working-single-mum" based in the Philippines. I've been in the company as a remote Administrative Assistant since 2018 when the WAL community was just about, I think, 200+ members. I am proud that I have been here this long and have seen almost every milestones of the company. It's been a pleasure working with such an awesome company and gorgeous coaches whom I've never once felt I'm different despite the cultural differences and of course the distance.

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