Important question for all the women who are STILL struggling with losing weight, toning up and finding more energy DESPITE having tried every single diet, food plan, quick fix and training program out there...

What if I told you that everything you’ve been told and everything
you think you know about how to lose weight, tone up and fix your
metabolism is WRONG?

What if I told you that there is a better, healthier way to:

Lose weight, tone up and love your body without restrictive diets or
punishing 6 days/week workouts you’ve been told you need to do?

Would you finally feel confident to ditch your current
eating habits and workouts in favour of a less punishing, healthier way
to get that dream body?



You’re working really hard to lose that extra weight. You’ve cut out all the ‘bad’ food.
You workout 5-6 days a week. “Never Miss a Monday” is your motto!

You’re doing everything you know is ‘right’, and quite frankly, you’re busting your a** …

But you still find yourself carrying around that extra weight that just won’t budge
no matter what you do.

You are desperate with frustration.

WHY despite eating all this healthy food and avoiding the ‘bad’ food do you feel
so sluggish and moody?

WHY is it that after doing tons of cardio and working out every day, you’ve barely got
anything to show for it? (how hard is it to get some definition!?)

You don’t know why things aren’t working.

So you do the only thing you can think of:

You keep doing what you are doing, hoping that one day soon all
your efforts will pay off.

Or maybe you’re in the other camp …


This is the camp where you’ll do whatever it takes to get that weight off
and then to KEEP it off. No matter how drastic.

You’re no stranger to living off 1200 calories a day.
Pills and shakes are practically comfort food to you.
You may even be on the waitlist for surgery …

In this camp, you’re stuck in a permanent cycle of restrictive dieting that turns into binge
eating when you can’t take the feeling of starvation any longer.

You know this isn’t the best way, but hitting that goal weight is everything. So …

You keep doing what you are doing, hoping that the damage you are doing
to your body is worth it in the end.

3 reasons why you’ve not been
able to successfully drop
that weight, tone up and build
a body you love

1. You’re not a quitter

We’ve all been told that you shouldn’t give up, you shouldn’t
quit just when things get tough. Yes, this is true for a lot of
things in life. But you also need to know when it’s time to
change course. You need to be able to acknowledge that what
you are doing isn’t working. And it won’t work, no matter how
long you stick with it.

I’m here to give you permission to quit.

I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to stop doing the things that
aren’t working and to change course to something else. If you
have been struggling with what feels like an uphill battle with
your diet, weight, food and training - it’s time to try something

It’s time to admit that what you’ve been doing isn’t
working - and there is a reason for that. You need to learn
from someone who has been where you are. Someone who
has tried all the tricks and diets.

You need a proven, scientifically-backed approach that will
give you the results you want. You need a system that has
actually worked for thousands of other women.
You need a program that has a track-record for results.

2. Consistency has not been
your strong suit

It’s tough to stick with things that are … tough. The constant
battle you have in your head every single morning staring down
your day ahead and living in fear of everything you will eat must
be draining.

Dragging yourself to workouts that are exhausting and strenuous
week in and week out - and STILL not seeing your body toning up
or the weight coming off … you tell yourself it’s because you
skipped a workout or should be going 7 days a week.

The reason why you haven’t been able to maintain a level of
consistency, the reason why you are finding yourself stuck in
these endless cycles of restriction and bingeing, commitment
and failure is simple: what you are doing is not working.

And it’s not your fault. You’ve been told ‘just keep at it!’ and
‘never miss a workout’ and that somehow at some magical point
in the future you will wake up with the body you love.

Have you ever heard the definition of insanity? It’s: “repeating the
same behaviour over and over - hoping for a different outcome”.
I wouldn’t be surprised if you feel a little crazy working so hard
and seeing very little desirable results.

What you need is a program and a schedule that is not only EASY
to stick to but actually enjoyable. A program that isn’t taxing
mentally or physically.

When you don’t have to force yourself to the gym 7 days a week
or stop eating the foods you love - you’ll be surprised at just how
EASY to maintain a healthy training and eating program that
produces results.

3. You’ve been led to believe that
sacrifice is the only way to the
body you want

You’ve given up the carbs, the sugars, the fats, the dairy,
the “insert your delicious food group here”.

You’ve said no to the social events.
You’ve turned down the birthday cake.
You’ve given up hours of your days to workout.
You’ve given up extra sleep to hit the gym before work.

You’ve sacrificed. You’ve given up a lot.

So why do you feel like you are no closer to getting that
dream body you so desperately want?

This one is a tough one - because all good things come
from hardwork and sacrifice… right?


What if this wasn’t true? What if you could get the healthy,
energized, and toned body you want AND all the confidence
that comes with it, without sacrifice?

Without giving up the foods you love.
Without giving up hours of your day to train.
Without giving up time with your friends and family.

It’s possible. You need someone to teach you exactly what
foods you need to eat each week that will restore your
metabolism and give you energy.

You need a program that will show you exactly how to train,
what exercises to do and when to do them. You need a
training program that doesn’t require you to be at a gym 6
days a week.

What you need is a methodology that teaches you how to
eat and train SMARTER (not harder!).

The fact you have
not been able
to lose that
extra weight
or keep it off
is not actually
YOUR fault

I’m Kittyand for 17 years of my life,
I was on a diet. All the diets. Every diet you have heard of, I’ve
probably done it or at least tried it.

I followed all the ‘advice’ out there. The ‘professional’ advice that
said the only way to slim down and get the body I wanted was to eat
less and workout more. A lot more.

So that’s what I did. I punished my body, I worked out obsessively,
torturing myself with gruelling workouts. Workouts I have no idea
how I actually did seeing as I was eating so little... I had NO energy.

Add to all of this: I rarely slept through the night. I had painful and
irregular periods every single month. My skin would breakout
constantly and I suffered from the worst mood swings. And on top of
it all, I was bloated and constipated.

I had zero energy. I lived off coffee…yet I was OBSESSED with food.
Focused on what I could or couldn’t eat.

This was my life. And I was miserable. (Sound familiar?)

Thankfully, my eyes were opened when I met Emma Sgourakis
(a certified nutritionist) and Craig McDonald (a personal trainer).
When I met them, I realised that not only was I going about this all
wrong, but everything I thought I knew about losing weight
and what to put in my body was also wrong!

Above all - I got my energy back! My mood swings stabilised,
I started sleeping through the night and got my regular, pain-free
periods back. (And no more constipation or bloating, either!)

I was finally FREE from my obsession with food.
I could relax and enjoy what I ate for the first time in years.

After transforming my body and learning how EASY it is to build a body you love,
I wanted to help other women to do the same.

Together with my partner Craig (yes, that Craig), we developed the WinAtLife
signature program that has helped thousands of women undo the damage of restrictive diets
and punishing workouts.

We show you why it's not your fault that you haven't been able to achieve the body you want.

We show you the right way - the HEALTHY way to achieve the body of your dreams.
(Spoiler alert: the actual weight doesn’t matter as much as how you FEEL.) Trust me when I tell
you this doesn’t have to be difficult.

Join me and the thousands of women already using the easy-to-follow, proven method for
losing weight, toning up and building the body you love.

See you on the inside,


Take a minute right now and think about
what you want and what you are working so hard for.

To be thin?
To get the scale to hit a certain number?
To fit into a certain size?

If you were like me, you probably think that ‘being skinny’ will bring you
a sense of joy and accomplishment. You are probably so focused on looking a certain way,
you forget that you really just want to FEEL a certain way.

So let’s take a moment and imagine your future self. Yourself that has achieved what you
wanted, has the dream body and feels like she’s accomplished what she wants for her body.

Imagine that future version of yourself and how would it FEEL for you if these statements
were a part of that future reality:

  • You jump out of bed every day ready to face
    your day with a burst of energy because you slept
    straight through the night. (No more losing your
    temper at your kids before breakfast!).
  • You easily fit into that sexy pair of jeans and your
    partner goes gaa-gaa everytime you wear them.
  • You have extra time in your weeks to meet up with
    your girlfriends because you are no longer a slave
    to the gym, working out 2 hours a day, 6 days a
    week (and also not tired all the time!).
  • You look forward to eating and never feel guilty
    about indulging in your favourites: potatoes and
    butter, homemade ice cream, fruit, juices and
  • Your scale has become an invisible fixture
    in your bathroom because you no longer care
    what it tells you.
  • You no longer have a complete breakdown
    when something stressful happens, your mood
    swings are a thing of the past (so is reaching for
    that bottle of wine when you’re stressed).
  • Friends, family, strangers compliment you on
    how toned your arms are and how smokin’ hot
    your butt and legs look in those shorts!
  • You’re no longer fighting painful periods month
    after month, calling in sick because you can’t get
    out of bed.
  • Hot flashes become a thing of the past because
    those pesky menopausal symptoms simply
    disappear once your hormones are balanced.
  • You don’t have to fear being asked when you’re
    due because you don’t look 9 months pregnant
    thanks to bloating.
  • You have a sense of calm and certainty
    in your days. You are no longer worried about
    an unexpected event that could knock you
    off course.

This future-self is not a dream. It is a very realistic
and achievable reality. Stick with me and I’ll show you exactly how you can
get all of this and so much more!


The only scientifically-proven nutrition and training program that
will help you break-free from restrictive diets, restore your metabolism and
help you build a body you love.

I’ve invested the past 3 years of my life working with over 10,000 women just
like you to help them build - and maintain - a body they love and are proud of.

Women who were:

  • tired, fed up and frustrated with eating nothing
    but green veggies and bird food PLUS working out
    6-7x a week - and could not figure out why their
    body wasn’t getting leaner, fitter or healthier
  • starving themselves and their body of vital
    nutrients and food thinking this was the ONLY way
    to lose that stubborn extra weight and slim down
  • constantly on the yo-yo dieting cycle - gaining
    weight, losing weight and gaining back even
    more. All the while not knowing the damage they
    were doing to their body and their metabolism
  • constantly riding the rollercoaster of mood swings,
    painful periods (or menopausal symptoms), bloating,
    constipation, terrible sleep and low energy
  • embarrassed to be seen naked - even by
    their partner. Women who had lost all confidence
    in themselves and equated their sex appeal
    to the scale
  • obsessed with food, their lives being run by
    restricting and binge eating, a never ending cycle
    that left them feeling out of control and feeling miserable….

The result is a nutrition and training program that is unlike any other system out there.

A program that encourages you to
eat more and workout less! (aka get healthy and restore your metabolism).

A program that actually helps you get (and keep) the results you want - without torturing your
body or starving yourself.

I know - you’ve seen it all.
You’re probably wondering
what makes this program different
from anything else you’ve tried?

The WinAtLife methodology is different from the other nutrition
and training programs you’ve seen.

Other programs or ‘expert’ advice
probably told you:

  • to eat less calories and workout
    more to lose weight
  • you need to restrict certain
    food groups or eat an excess of
    other foods
  • you are only allowed one
    ‘cheat’ day a week to eat the
    foods you love
  • you have to cut sugar, carbs,
    and all the fun stuff
  • you have to fast certain times
    of the day, no matter how
    hungry you are
  • it’s impossible to get rid of
    cellulite or get toned without
    restriction or cardio

This sort of advice is restrictive
and sets you up for failure.

In the WinAtLife program you will learn why all that you’ve been
told in the past is wrong.

You will see how you can go against all the accepted advice
you’ve been told - and be more successful in your weightloss and
health journey than you ever have before.

See what these women have to say about their experience inside
the WinAtLife program and how it’s changed their lives:

I’m training three times per week if that, due to work, I’m eating 2000 calories a day, I’ve lost 10kg and about 48cm all over.

I’m sleeping through for hours without waking, my period has returned, my libido is back, my crazy mood swings don’t exist,
I will never go back to the insanity of previous eating, dieting, training, never again. This is completely different to what you’re used to, what we have all been told again and again by the fitness industry, they’re either lying or they don’t know what they don’t know. I truly feel like I have discovered the holy grail, I kid you not. Trust god, I cannot emphasize enough how bloody good this is! Finally, finally, I am at peace mentally and physically, I know what and why it’s done this way and it works. There is no more confusion or guess work to do with food or training. It’s pretty bloody simple really once you know. The proof is in the pudding.

Thank you Kitty, really, thank you.

- Elizabeth Mason, 50, Mother of 2

From the age of 18 until late 20’s I was suffering from severe disordered eating, cutting out every food and only eating salad, to low carb, no carb, high protein and restricting my poor body from the nourishment it needed. I was punishing myself at the gym doing 8 and 12 week challenges and going twice a day, 6 days a week. I then went through a phase for 3 months of eating my way around Europe which triggered severe binge eating and then progressed into binging and taking laxatives.18 months into the NuStrength/WAL ‘way’, I haven’t had one urge to binge or take laxatives, my hair isn’t falling out, my skin and nails are the best quality they have ever been, I sleep like a baby and I have so much energy every single day. Trust me...I was incredibly skeptical of only training 3 days a week and eating dairy, sugar and fruit...but it has worked and I am so incredibly grateful to have met Kitty and Craig - I don’t know where I would be without them. My quality of life has improved significantly and I think you would be crazy to turn away from an opportunity to work with these guys.

- Emma Karanges, 31, mother of 1

This program has changed my WHOLE LIFE! I have been on this amazing journey for 20 months now and achieved results far beyond what I ever expected!! In my early 40"s I'd come from a background of extremely heavy daily drinking, binge eating, 20 years of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and anxiety/depression just to name a few! I am no longer on anxiety/medication....Haven't had a drink for 20 months...No longer have irritable bowel (poop every day! Yay!) I've lost 10kg and a total of 73cm! I have gained the knowledge to eat the RIGHT foods for me and the RIGHT amounts! I eat 2400 calories a day and I Love the food I eat! I have learnt to lift!! This program has given me confidence in so many areas of my life and the amazing coaches have and continue to support me on this journey! I have never just felt like a number here.....the support is so personal, individual and real!!! You could not regret doing this for you.....your family.....your whole life!

- Anna Hansell, 42, Single mother of 4

In this program you will NOT:

  • Be told you need to workout 6-7 days a week
  • Be advised to do hours and hours of cardio
  • Eat boring, bland or only ‘green’ foods
  • Cut out food groups or all the fun,
    delicious foods you love
  • Be left on your own to figure this all out

Sound too good to be true?
I promise you it’s not! And I’ve proven it with the thousands of women
I’ve helped through this program.



What It Means
to be Healthy

Learn how to track and measure your metabolism 
and why you need to get healthy to build a body you
love. These include the objective and subjective
measures and what you should aiming for.

Setting Your
Calories And

Begin your nutrition journey with the 
knowledge of how to set your starting
macronutrient and calorie targets so you
can start optimising your metabolism.

on Your

Discover why we recommend the pro-metabolic 
foods we do, how many calories you should be aiming
for each day and why gut health is so important to a
strong and well functioning metabolism.

of Meal

Find out how to do your own meal plans
so you will never have to rely on someone else
telling you what to eat or set meal plan again-
and get support as you test and measure to find
the foods that will optimise your sleep, digestion,
mood, energy and hormonal balance.

& Special Foods

Learn about the 3 special foods every woman
must include in her diet to heal her metabolism
as well the core metabolic boosting supplements
I use daily.


Explore the other key areas you must focus on
when it comes to healing your metabolism like
hormone balance, digestion, sunlight, redlight,
stress, environmental toxins and more. Guest
expert Keith Littlewood, Masters in Endocrinology
offers advice and support around these areas.


Discover how to improve some of the most common
metabolic issues like headaches and migraines,
bloating, constipation, IBS, lactose intolerance, erratic
moods, skin issues, low energy, hormonal and sleep



Receive a customised
program prepared just for
you based on how many
days you can train, for
how long, what equipment
you have access to and
any physical limitations
you have.


Enjoy access to our online
app Recomposer, which
is where you can find your
customised program so
you can track every set
and every rep.
Each month you get a new
customised program.


We set up your own
private training channel in
our online platform SLACK
where you upload your
videos for our strength
coach to give you
feedback so you can
become a better lifter.

Full Video
Exercise Library

Full access to our
online training
website that has
over 100 detailed
exercise videos and

 I've now lost a total of 25kgs and 130cm. This is more than life changing for me. I'm finally on the path I knew I was meant to be on but never knew how to until WAL. I'm not just different on the outside but I'm a whole new person on the inside especially emotionally. I've always felt like I've held back from living, but now I feel free, happy and ready to take on whatever life throws at me. Food no longer controls me and is now just a normal part of my life. Oh and I love what I eat and to be educated on how food affects me is awesome. The training took me a while to really get into (mind games especially) but now its my saviour especially on days I don't feel like doing a session (which isn't often) as I always feel energised and and empowered after training and most importantly how lifting changes my body and builds muscle. Oh yes, by the way hubby (Kev) is very happy but I am the lucky one to have such a supportive husband who has been there for me every step of the way, especially after seeing me do all the other crazy diets and exercise over the years to which he was still super supportive.

- Sian Mcnamara, 46, Mother of 4

I joined WAL in April 2018. I had left a toxic work place & was physically & emotionally at my lowest point. I had put on weight, was on anti depressants and had no self esteem. I had joined a local gym & was going 5-6 times/week but kept getting bigger.

I had been a sugar demoniser for years & restricted calories. Once I joined WAL I learned how to nourish my body properly. I learned the benefits of weight training with the support & encouragement of the coaches. I slowly came off my medication, lost weight & cm's. The support I received from the group was amazing. Nowhere had I come across a group of women who were travelling on the same journey as myself.

WAL changed my life in so many ways. I eat 2000 calories a day & understand food so much better- I NEVER feel guilty eating any more. I have physical & mental strength & know I have an ama ing support network there when I need it. Joining WAL was the best decision I ever made. I was worth it! 

- Michelle Storm, 45. Mother of 2

Still not sure what’s included?
Let me make it crystal clear what’s inside Win At Life.
When you join, you’ll...

  • discover how to find the right amount of calories
    and macronutrients your body needs to tone up
    and lose body fat while still providing you with
  • learn why your metabolic health is the factor that
    stands between you and the body you are
    dreaming of.
  • understand which foods you need to optimise
    your sleep, digestion, mood, energy and hormonal
    balance so that you can build a body you love for
    the long term without sacrificing your metabolic
  • get access to meal plans, recipe books, meal plan
    coaching and live nutrition workshops that will
    ensure you are always eating the right foods for
    your body.
  • discover that working out less (but smarter!) will
    not only help you get your dream body - but
    leave you with more energy and less injuries.
  • receive in depth information on how to improve
    metabolic issues: sleep, hormones, digestion, sun,
    recommended supplement protocols.
  • learn how to strength train effectively so you can
    build lean muscle and lose body fat training just
    3-4 days per week.
  • get feedback on how to improve your training
    form to ensure that every workout you do is
    effective and free from injury.
  • be shown how to train at home with minimal or
    no equipment so you can work out anywhere with
    no excuses.


  • Access to an easy-to-follow and implement
    nutrition and training methodology that will allow
    you to stop obsessing over food and training and
    get your life back.
  • Understand why your metabolic health is the #1
    factor in your success with your weight loss and
    health. Discover how to identify metabolic issues
    and the exact actions you need to take to fix
  • The guidance of knowledgeable and supportive
    coaches - including myself! As well as instant
    membership to an online community of women
    who are all there to cheer one another on, share
    stories, pump you up and help pick you up if you
  • Confidence and RELIEF that you are finally on the
    right track - that you now have the right answers
    and strategy that make sense for YOU.


  • Your own personal coach for your
    WinAtLife journey.
  • Weekly 1:1 check-ins with your coach
    where we review your metabolic
    indicators, meal plans, training and
    make adjustments to help you continue
    to progress toward your goals.
  • Customized macronutrient targets.
  • Meal plan coaching with actual feedback
    and suggestions.
  • Live weekly meal plan coaching sessions.
  • Customized training program every
    month based on your goals, your injuries
    or limitations, and what equipment you
    have available.
  • Your own personal training channel
    where you can upload your training
    videos for feedback (it’s like having your
    ‘own personal trainer available at your disposal).
  • Access to the coaches and Kitty & Craig
    in the private WinAtLife workspace so you
    can ask your questions, get quick advice
    and feedback.
  • Fortnightly live training and nutrition
    calls with Craig.
  • Live fortnightly mindset coaching calls
    with Kitty and Carol where we dive deep
    into mindset barriers that may be
    stopping you from achieving your goals.
  • Exclusive access to the “Big Sista” support
    program where you will receive extra
    accountability from a woman who has
    been succeeding in the program for more
    than two years.


Choose the WinAtLife Plan That Works
Best For You
Annual Payment of

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Monthly payments

(3 month min.

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I can’t wait to meet you inside my program and help
you break free from restrictive diets forever!

I’m Kitty Blomfield. CEO of NuStrength and the co-founder of the
WinAtLife program for women.

I have always been active and loved to play sport, but despite being
active I was always restricting my calorie intake to maintain my
weight. In fact, for 17 of my 40 years, I was on a diet.

In 2015 I found the work of Dr. Ray Peat and Emma Sgourakis who
were approaching health and nutrition in a way I had never seen
before. Emma was the first nutritionist who told me to drink
chocolate milk!

After discovering their work, I realised that everything I thought I
knew about health, nutrition and training was wrong. I had wasted so
much time and energy starving myself, torturing my body and
feeling miserable.

Since then, I’ve taken everything I’ve learnt and put it into the most
comprehensive online health coaching program for women. I teach
you why everything you’ve been told about how to lose weight and
keep it off is wrong.

Join me and thousands of other women who have discovered the
secret to losing weight, toning up and breaking free from restrictive
diets and punishing workouts for good!


I get it - it can be hard to hear that what you’ve been doing or
have been told you need to do is wrong.

It’s probably also hard to believe that with all the programs you’ve tried or things you’ve read,
that you haven’t figured this out on your own yet.

You’re probably thinking ‘how could this program be any different’?

I hear you, I really do. Remember, it took me

So here are a few more things to think about. If you find yourself
nodding along as you read then the WinAtLife program is probably
exactly what you are looking for:
  • You are ready and happy to invest a few hours
    a week so long as you know that what you invest
    is strategic and a meaningful step towards the
    body and healthy lifestyle you dream of.
  • You are already investing hours every week into
    planning your meals and what to eat (obsessing!)
    plus working out, but are not seeing the results
    you want.
  • You’ve been let down and frustrated by other
    programs, experts and advice. But, you still have
    a sense of optimism that what you want is still
    possible (and you are sure there is a better way
    than what you’ve been doing).
  • You are looking for a proven, strategic and
    easy-to-follow system and methodology to: lose
    that extra weight, gain more energy, feel
    confident and discover what having a healthy
    mind and body can do to improve all aspects
    of your life.
  • You’ve actually lost the weight in the past, but either
    you’ve gained it all back (and then some) or you are
    killing yourself to keep it off - living in fear of every
    extra calorie or missed workout.
  • You’re tired. Tired because you aren’t sleeping through
    the night. Tired because you aren’t eating enough to
    sustain your body. Tired of struggling and fighting a
    battle you aren’t sure you can win on your own.
  • You have health issues that you cannot get rid of
    and do not know what the cause is: broken sleep,
    constipation, bloating or IBS, erratic moods, low energy,
    hormonal issues: irregular and or painful periods, PMS
    or menopausal symptoms, low sex drive or skin issues.
  • You’ve tried to do this on your own and it’s not worked.
    You know you need a coach, a support group, and
    accountability. You want to know you can reach out to
    a group of fellow women when you stumble and get
    high-fived when you hit a milestone. You are happy to
    be a cheerleader and support for others going
    through the same journey as you.

If any of what you’ve just read hit home for you, I’m willing to bet that you’ve
exhausted your other options and all the ‘expert’ advice you’ve been given … only to not
be any closer to your dream body goals.

But if you still aren’t convinced … that’s okay. Honestly! (remember: it took me 17 years!!)

You can continue doing what you are doing, following the same outdated advice and wishing
and hoping that one day it will all suddenly just start working for you.

You can continue to battle mood swings, broken sleep, breakouts, low energy,
food obsession, food cravings and lack of confidence.

You can continue wishing and hoping that something will change despite
the fact that your actions or strategy hasn’t.


You can learn from my 17 years of mistakes and wasted time with all
the advice that didn’t work.

You can stop wasting anymore of your time, energy and effort going down this same
road that hasn’t worked for you in the past.

You can challenge what you thought to be true and try something else.

Because at this stage - what have you really got to lose?



Starting something new can be a big step.
It’s only natural you have questions….

How much time will I need to commit each week?

I’ve tried so many other programs and eating plans - how
do I know this program will be any different?

Are you really saying that what other programs are telling
us to do is wrong? How can that be?

This seems like a big financial commitment - how can I be
sure this is worth it?

So … are you ready to break free from restrictive diets, restore your
metabolism and build a body you love?

If you are still here, I’m guessing you are!

If you are tired of the training and food struggle - you need to join WinAtLife.

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