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When most women decide to get into shape and lose weight they usually jump on the next quick fix or fad diet. Most of these diets cut calories, carbs and some even cut entire food groups. They also encourage women to do hours of cardio, bootcamps or HITT style training. Many promise you can get your dream body in 8-12 weeks. Do they work? Of course they do, it's easy to drop weight quickly but you can never sustain these results and most women end up putting all the weight back on, if not more.

Here's why these diets never work long term - I want you to imagine your body is a car and you're going to drive your car to the other side of Australia but you're only going to fill it with half a tank of fuel. What will happen? It won't make it, of course! When you drastically decrease your energy input (cut calories) and you increase your energy expenditure (more exercise) it's like driving your car with half a tank of fuel.

Unlike a car, your body doesn't suddenly stop. Somehow it manages to keep going even though it doesn't have enough fuel. How does your body keep going? It has built-in mechanisms to help it survive during emergency situations like this. It releases two stress hormones, adrenalin and cortisol.

Firstly, it releases adrenalin. Adrenalin finds stored glycogen (your body's fuel source) in the liver and muscles and uses it first. Once that's gone it releases fat for fuel. But Kitty, don't we want to burn fat? Not under the direction of adrenalin. Burning fat for fuel under the direction of adrenalin is extremely inefficient and stressful on the body. It uses 3 times as much oxygen and creates less energy than when using glucose to make energy. It also produces less CO2. CO2 is broadly anti-inflammatory and helps to remove calcium and sodium from your cells (basically it keeps them stable and happy). Next comes cortisol. Cortisol releases amino acids from the skim, thymus and muscles to be taken back to the liver to be converted to glucose. So, you're creating an environment of stress and literally destroying the thing you want more of to look toned and athletic - MUSCLE!



When you do these diets year after year, you not only strip away at your already weak metabolism but you also burn off your precious muscle and end up with one or more of these issues:

  • Slow metabolism or thyroid issues
  • Hormonal imbalances/estrogen dominance - PMS, irregular heavy or painful periods, peri-menopause, menopausal issues
  • Cravings and binge eating
  • Decreased immune function - you get sick regularly
  • Elevated adrenalin/cortisol
  • Fatigue
  • Degraded sleep quality
  • Thinning and wrinkling skin
  • Weight gain
  • Digestive issues and food intolerances
  • Reproductive system issues and low libido
  • Increased inflammation
  • Decreased mood and concentration and liver issues




If you want to lose body fat and get toned while feeling great and be able to sustain these results long term, you must eat a metabolically supportive diet, learn how to strength train and get stronger. It is possible to lose body fat, tone up, improve your sleep, energy, mood, digestion, sex drive and menstrual cycle while eating over 2000 calories a day and strength training just 3 days per week.

This is exactly what the WinAtLife program will teach you how to do. That's right, TEACH you! We don't tell you, we educate and empower you so that you can take control back of your nutrition, body and health. Our program is broken into 5 modules which you can complete at your own pace. Each module has a dedicated coach to help you along the way.




Step 1

Setup. You have a call with our onboarding coach to take you through the program overview and what's required. Then you will have a 1-on-1 call with our technology coach to ensure you have all the platforms set up for the program and you understand exactly how to use everything. Our tech coach is available for you to utilise 6 days a week while in the program, so don't worry if you're not tech-savvy as we have you covered.


Step 2

Mindset, tracking and setting your individual macronutrient targets. In this module, we get you to track your current food intake so that we can get an understanding of where you are now and then we set macronutrient targets specific to you. This is also where you will complete our Mindset activities so that we can equip you with the 'thinking' tools required to be successful on your journey.


Step 3

Meal planning and nutrition. In this module, we teach you how to meal plan with regular live meal planning workshops and a coach dedicated to check your plans and provide you with feedback and coaching. This is where we help you test and measure to find your 'bubble foods'. Your 'bubble foods' are the foods that you not only love to eat but also optimise your sleep, digestion, energy, mood, hormones and sex drive. We help you identify and address nutrient deficiencies and work on building up your metabolic capacity so you can eat more food and lose body fat.


Step 4

Training foundations. In this module, we teach you the physical application (at a basic level) of what's required to build a toned and athletic body. This begins with learning the basic movement patterns and addressing any weaknesses you may have. We do this using a unique 3 level progression and foundation program system. You will have a private training channel where you upload your videos for feedback and assessment. We have three coaches to guide you through this level and if at any point you get stuck they will jump on a call with you. Once you have mastered the basic movement patterns you will perform a strength test and will then be moved to our advanced training system.


Step 5

Advanced training. After you perform your strength test, a customised program will be designed for you based on the equipment you have available and any injuries you have. A new program is released every 5 weeks. Your program is accessed via our online training app, Recomposer, where you record every rep and set based on the milestones you need to hit to improve your current strength capability. You will have your own private training channel to upload videos for personalised feedback. We have a dedicated physio who works with clients that have injuries or existing movement issues to allow them to continue training while doing any required rehab work. You will have your own private check-in channel where you will submit your weekly check-ins for the coaches so we can monitor your progress and make adjustments as you progress.



What else is included?

  • Private members' website with over 100 exercise videos, nutrition information, nutrition 'how to' videos, PDFs
  • Communication platform so you can communicate with the coaches at any time and get instant support (available 6 days per week)
  • Private Facebook community group
  • Customised monthly programming via our online training app
  • Weekly meal planning workshops
  • Weekly live training technique workshops
  • Monthly interviews with the experts on topics you request – Emma Sgourakis, The Nutrition Coach – Kate Deering, author of How to Heal Your Metabolism – and Danny Roddy.
  • $10 off both Nugel and Progest-e every time you purchase
  • This program is completely online. You can do it from anywhere in the world. If you have zero experience lifting or you're an experienced lifter don't worry we have you covered! You don't need a personal trainer this program will give you everything you need to reach your body and health goals.


Investment: we have a number of different options with sliding scales. Please click on the button below to submit your application and book your FREE consult. There is no obligation to join and the consult is FREE of charge.


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