is for women who are tired
of the diet/binge cycle,
tired of being obsessed
with food and who never,
ever again want to say:
“I’ll start my diet AGAIN
on Monday…”

This SPECIAL OFFER is for women who are tired of the diet/binge cycle, ired of being obsessed with food and who never, ever again want to say: “I’ll start my diet AGAIN on Monday…”

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Now’s the time to break that vicious yo-yo diet habit
and body crushing workouts that are leaving you feeling
miserable, depleted and starving.

What would
it feel like if you …

  • actually looked forward to your workouts because you knew the training you were doing was actually building lean muscle and not destroying your body?
  • stopped your obsession with food because you knew exactly what foods to eat to lose weight, restore your metabolism and have more energy?
  • could finally have healthy digestion, regular periods, restful sleeps and less mood swings?

This is all possible! And it’s not as complicated or difficult as you’ve been led to believe.

These are my best resources that will show you exactly what to eat and how to train so you can restore your metabolism, build a body you love and break free from restrictive diets forever!

get break free basics now for just $97!
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With my programs
you will NOT:

  • Exercise 6x a week or twice a day
  • Eat broccoli and chicken for every meal (or any meal!)
  • Fast or starve yourself on restricted calorie diets
  • Do endless hours of cardio
  • Cut carbs and sugar (yes, you can eat ice cream!)

I will show you that you can enjoy delicious foods (including cheese, yoghurt, curry, meat loaf, brownies, and more!) AND still lose weight all without the crushing 6-days a week workouts or endless hours of cardio.

check out what

our clients have to say

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Metabolic Health Assessment

This is a crucial first step that every single one of my clients must undertake before weight/fat loss will happen. This assessment gives us the starting points for your health action plan.

Based on your results, you will receive recommendations to improve your sleep, digestion, mood, energy, hormonal imbalances, sex drive and body temperature.

Metabolism Boosting Meal Plans

These easy-to-prepare meal plans are the exact ones our VIP clients use in the WinAtLife program!

Take the guesswork out of what you need to eat every day to ensure weight loss, maximum energy and better digestion.

These no-fuss meals will teach you exactly what foods you should be eating (and which ones you can ditch forever!).

*dairy-free options available

[please note: our meal plans are not suitable for vegans.
Vegetarians can use them if they eat fish and dairy]

The 20 Most Popular Recipes from My F*cken Easy Food Prep Recipe Book

My Break Free Basics recipe book has 20 pro-metabolic recipes from my F*cken Easy Food Prep (FEFP) collection that will show you how to quickly and easily create delicious meals. All recipes include suggested serving sizes and macro breakdown, making it easier than ever to understand exactly what you need.

You will not find a single dry chicken and broccoli dish this recipe book!

Choose from delicious sweet and savory meals such as: Shepherds Pie, Prawn Laksa, Spaghetti Bolegnese, Vietnamese Meatballs, Ice Cream, Chocolate Brownie, and of course my famous Fudge recipe!

​2 x FULL Training Programs

No gym membership or home gym? No problem!

Our training programs were designed for women who have no or minimal equipment to use.

Even if you’ve never done strength training before these easy-to-follow programs tell you exactly what exercises to do, how many reps/sets and how many days a week to do them.

Meaning you can just focus on training and stop guessing if your workouts are helping - or harming - your progress.

*We do recommend that you have at least some dumbbells or resistance bands to get you started.

Exercise Video Library

Never done a squat before? I’ve got you covered!

I’ve added a complete exercise video library that breaks down each exercise to help you improve your technique and guide you through the movements. Go into each training with confidence that you are not only building strength, but improving your form and reducing risk of injury.

Supplement Protocols & Discounts

I’ll teach you exactly which supplements to use to support your metabolic health, digestion and energy.

All Break Free Basics members receive a 10% discount code to use in the Saturee Store where all our supplements are sold.

*Supplements are not an essential part of the program and you will still see amazing results if you choose not to use them.

​Access to private online community for extra support

I always say, 'If you want to go far, go with many' and our community is AMAZING!

Through the facebook group you can ask questions, share experiences and reach out for support when you need it. It is also an amazing source of ongoing educational information from Kitty.

But that’s not all!

We just added 3 new bonuses for you:

Starting Calorie and Macronutrient Targets

Knowing how much to eat and how to balance your meals is essential to ensure you are fueling your body with the right nutrients for it to function effectively. I’ll give you calorie and macro targets to get you started, with my metabolism boosting meal plans and recipes all designed to help you hit these targets every day.

Foods to Enjoy and Foods to Avoid List

Confused about what you should be eating or avoiding to support your metabolic health? Don’t be! I’ll share with you the pro-metabolic Foods to Enjoy that support your healing and form the foundation of transforming your body and health. And I’ll also give you a list of foods to avoid - those that contain anti-nutrients and work against our natural functions. You’ll be crystal clear on what you should be eating everyday! .

​4 Educational Videos on mindset, digestion, hormones and training

In these videos, Kitty Blomfield, CEO of WinAtLife, speaks with expert Kate Deering, author of 'How to Heal Your Metabolism' to dig deeper into core metabolic issues and the process of healing your metabolism.

These videos are released weekly during the first four weeks of the program. In the final video Craig McDonald, co-founder of WinAtLife provides training to support your metabolic health and weight loss goals.

Get lifetime access
for one easy payment of $97!

Valued at $1,890


What if there was an easier way to lose
the weight and keep it off?

I'm Kitty Blomfield, CEO and Co-founder of the WinAtLife program and I’m guessing if you’re here, we’ve had similar experiences with food and diets.

For 17 years of my life I followed restrictive diets and worked out 6-7 days a week. And I was miserable.

I rarely slept through the night, I was bloated, my moods were up and down like a yo-yo, I had no energy and crazy sugar cravings. My period was irregular and painful. Every time I lost weight, I just put it back on again.

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But that all changed for me in 2015 when I met Emma Sgourakis, the nutritionist who told me having the body I wanted didn’t mean living off nuts and seeds. She told me it was okay to drink chocolate milk!

Around this time I also met Craig McDonald (my now partner) who introduced me to a new way of training that didn’t require me to work out 6 days a week or do endless cardio.

I was trapped in
a vicious cycle
that was not only
making me miserable
but was also
damaging my physical
and mental health.

Basically, everything I believed I had to achieve my dream body - was wrong.

Emma and Craig showed me a new, healthier way to achieve the body I wanted. That didn’t involve obsessively working out or giving up the foods I loved.

What I learnt, transformed my body and health.
It freed me from restrictive diets and food obsession for good.

I had never felt healthier or more confident in my body. I knew that if this had changed my life, it could change the lives of so many other women too.

With my partner Craig, we developed one of the most comprehensive and scientifically proven coaching programs available online for women.

Now, we teach women how to change their relationship to food and their body so that they can free themselves from a life of punishing workouts, restrictive diets, low energy, cravings and mood swings.

The 1000’s of women who have gone through our programs have told us that they’ve not only healed their relationship with food and their body, but they’re also happier and more confident in all aspects of their life.

In fact, they’ve told us time and again that working with us and our programs has changed their life!

But don’t take it from me -
listen to our clients tell you themselves:

You DO NOT need to choose between losing weight and being happy! I will show you how to build a body you love, while eating foods that you love.

This program is
for you if:

  • You feel like you’ve tried everything and gotten nowhere with your health and weight loss.
  • You know your metabolism is probably destroyed after years of restrictive eating and punishing workouts. But you don’t know where to begin to try and fix it.
  • You want the support of a community of like-minded women who are on the same journey.
  • You’ve tried every diet, every fad and all the workouts. Nothing has worked and you are fed up and wondering if it’s even possible to get the body you want.
  • You feel overwhelmed with food and workout options. You need an easy-to-follow guide that will tell you exactly what to eat and how to workout.
  • You suffer from any of these metabolic issues: poor sleep, poor digestion, bloating, constipation, hormonal issues, cold hands or feet, low energy, erratic moods, irritability and loss of desire in the bedroom - and didn’t even realise they could be a symptom of the foods you are eating.
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Take the 1st step now
to stop dieting forever!


Do not waste another day obsessing
over your food or starting another new diet.


Learn how to restore your metabolism so you can lose weight and tone up in a healthy way (no more restrictive diets or punishing workouts!)

Find out just how important your metabolic health is to your weight-loss success (and how metabolic issues are affecting more than just your ability to lose weight).

Discover how easy it is to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Get my easy-to-follow set of resources including: meal plans, 20+ page recipe book, weekly workouts and an exercise library that will help you get started on your weight-loss and health journey today.

get break free basics now for just $97!


Get lifetime access
for one easy payment of $97!

Valued at $1,890