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Kitty Blomfield & Craig McDondald

Co-founders of NuStrength

Hi my name is Jake,

I am passionate about taking your 'everyday lady' and turning her into the strongest, most bad-ass lifter that she can be. Strength training is one of those things that you hear all these cheesy quotes about, like "Squats are like life". It's about standing up when something heavy tries to keep you down, blah blah blah. But all cheesy quotes aside, strength training teaches you to be resilient and push through stuff when you're not going to want to, because strength is never a weakness. Growing up with a widowed mum I got to see the importance and impact that a strong woman has on a family, so the opportunity to work with and help create so many strong women, is something that is truly amazing and I love doing every day.

Hey there,

My name is April I am a single mother of 2, DV Survivor and proud to be a NuStrength Coach… For many years I battled with an unfaithful narcissistic partner who left me to feel completely worthless from the numerous affairs which he had, to the daily verbal, emotional, financial and physical abuse. It took a lot for me to walk away from the toxic relationship that it was due to my kids being used as pawns in the mix of it all. I eventually had to break the cycle by walking out and leaving my kids behind. I didn’t get to see or speak to my children for weeks. I had nothing but the clothes on my back and for the years following I persevered through endless legal battles and court hearings whilst trying to rebuild the broken relationship between myself and my children. Throughout all this, I was being continually criticised for every step that I made (and still make) and literally watched like a hawk by people I don’t even know reporting back to my ex.

I thought that being that 'picture perfect' lean fitness model on stage would allow me to gain back my sense of self-worth, and so I decided to compete in bodybuilding. It was a great experience at the time although post competition I was lost, I battled body image issues and eating disorders, I ached all over, I was tired and HUNGRY!! It wasn’t until my children witnessed what I was doing to myself that I decided enough was enough so I searched for a better way to be able to eat good food and stay strong, happy and healthy. It was by chance that I stumbled across Kitty and Craig’s NuStrength posts on FB and took the step and made the enquiry. Although I didn't know if I could afford it as a single mum and only working part-time I also knew I couldn’t afford NOT to do it. Kitty and Craig held out their arms and took me in, taught me more than I could ever imagine and they continue to point me in the direction I need to grow. Now I’m in a position to help so many women rise above and beyond because I know wholeheartedly the change this has made to my life, and I know the change it can make to yours!!!

Hi, my name is Melissa Collins. I am a performance coach at Nustrength and in the WinAtLife Program. I have been a client with NuStrength right from day one. With the support of the Coaches and the community, I was able to turn my entire life around. In fact, Nustrength saved my life. From an early age, I suffered abuse which lead to a life of drug and alcohol abuse.

At the age of 13, I lived on the streets. I spent time in prison and was admitted to psychiatric hospitals for suicide attempts and drug overdoses on several occasions. In 2015 my husband committed suicide and my life spiralled out of control. It was then that I started training at NuStrength. With the support of Kitty, Craig and the NuStrength community, lifting and food helped me get my life back on track. They believed in me and made me feel valued for the first time in my life. They made me realise who I could become and there I found my passion for helping women just like me break free and achieve a better quality of life.

I now work in their online program WinAtLife where it is my mission to help women take back control of their life and happiness through food and training.

Hi everyone, I'm Danita. I’m 53 years old, a mother of three and a grandmother of one.

All my adult life I’ve been on the rollercoaster of excessive cardio and restrictive eating and then bingeing. Since being on this program I’ve never looked or felt as good. Kitty and Craig have been inspirational in educating me not only in nutrition but also in pushing me to have a growth mindset in all areas of my life.

Imagine being the best version of yourself and being over 50!!!

I’m making it my mission to teach women it’s never too late to reach their potential.

Hi, I'm Deb. I'm a Mum, Nana and have always had an interest in fitness and nutrition.

I played A grade touch football for many years and have represented Queensland and was selected to represent Australia.

I was a client with NuStrength before becoming qualified to become a trainer here. I have a passion to train my clients and encourage them to be the best they can possibly be. I still train ex A grade touch football players who are still repping for Queensland. My clients come from many different backgrounds and age groups. I've learnt through training with Kitty and Craig that cardio does not play as an important role in our all-over fitness goals as we have been lead to believe. Strength training and lifting heavy have bought myself and my clients incredible results. Correct nutrition rather than restrictive eating can bring amazing results and confidence to clients.

Hi everyone!

My name is Lucy and I am an ex-bikini competitor and a coach at NuStrength.

Whilst bikini competing over three years, I found myself becoming incredibly obsessed with food and developed a severe relationship with it - It controlled my entire life and happiness. I struggled also with digestive issues, painful periods, mood swings and sleepless nights and would find myself crying in the middle of the grocery store, overwhelmed as I wouldn’t know what to buy.

I reached out to Kitty and started the WinAtLife Program. At first, I was sceptical of the way things were done, especially the nutrition aspect, however, I have not turned back to the way I used to eat and I know I never will. Through our methodology of eating and training, my relationship with food was healed, my metabolism has healed and continues to improve and I am the strongest I have been both mentally and in the gym.

I now work as a coach at NuStrength and have the amazing opportunity to guide other women to achieve their freedom and give them the tools to they need to succeed both metabolically and physically.

Hello, Angelina here.

I'm a single mother of 3 girls and live in the central west of NSW. Before going into the program I was working approximately 70 hours per week. I was always tired and had around 5 hours of broken sleep per night. I was gaining weight and it didn’t matter how often or how hard I trained or how little I ate, I was gaining weight and at a rapid rate. My menstrual cycle was at 21 days, with an 11 day period, and heavy. I was a mess emotionally, physically and mentally. The doctors told me I would have a hysterectomy. This program was my only option at that point as I had tried naturopaths, kinesiologists, iridologists and everything else in-between. This had to work for me.

I went 'all in' and within a couple of weeks was sleeping through the night. Within a couple of months, I regained my energy, my mental clarity and my zest for life, and I was getting stronger by the week.

I believe in this method so much, I became a coach. I want to help other ladies realise their full potential, whatever that may be.

My journey has been trying at times, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am so grateful that I feel like I did before having children. I feel like I can take on anything with the WinAtLife team at my side and I want the same thing for the women in the program.

I’m Niki, I’m a wife and mum to two little girls. I became very interested in nutrition and human physiology after a stint with Keto/Paleo which left me weak, cold, riddled with digestive issues and wondering why I had so many strange symptoms when according to many experts my diet was the pinnacle of ‘healthy eating’.

I started the WAL program when my second baby was only 8 weeks old, like most mums with newborn babies I was struggling with extremely low energy and low moods. My self-confidence had completely deteriorated as my weight had spiralled out of control and instead of going down postpartum it was going up. Thanks to the WAL program I survived that tough first year with a new baby who didn't sleep for months on end and came out the other side with more energy, zest for life and a better mindset than ever!

I am now the Module 3 Coach in the WAL program, I'm passionate about all things food and helping women heal themselves through the right nutrition so they too, can live their best lives.


I'm Lexy, the magical Tech Unicorn. I'm a single mum of 3 gorgeous floofies, 2 quiet girls and 1 precocious demon boy, and I am a self-professed geek and nerd. I have a very analytical brain and I love to learn new things and work on new processes. I love to play around with everything and anything and get my hands both literally and figuratively dirty in every little task. I am a passionate hockey player, musician, gamer, reader, writer, Aunty and friend.

I was working night shifts as a Product Quality Manager for the same red-headed clown for 11 years before I stumbled on to Kitty's Facebook page for the 28 day free challenge. I honestly didn't even get past the first few days of messages before I joined a webinar and was hooked by the message she was sending. I joined the WinAtLife program and went all in right from the start, this quickly became a non-negotiable in my life and I was 100% hooked on lifting. I put my hand up to have more responsibility within the community, became a Big Sista and put myself in to help ladies who have technology issues in my downtime between sleep and shifts. See a need, fill a need! Now more than 12 months on I am working full time as a proud member of the NuStrength team, I am feeling more confident within my self and my body is becoming something I am proud of. I have been able to leave a job I enjoyed and moved on to work I love, develop a normal sleeping pattern and not have to deal with the issues I had in my previous job. My niece and nephew have been my biggest supporters through this process and they love how much happier I am, they also get to see me more often and not worry about whether I need to get sleep during the day while I'm with them. I feel like I have more freedom and respect, and I'm loving life again.

I am a Mama, a wife, a daughter, a granddaughter, and a friend.

My family and I love to travel and adventure around the world, so in 2011 we left NZ to head to the Kingdom of Tonga to live, work and play for two years. These were two of the most amazing years of my life. Tonga taught me so much about being grateful and being truly happy with next to nothing in terms of material things. Tongan people are some of the most kind and generous people I know and I will be eternally grateful for the time my family and I spent in the Kingdom.

We moved to Rural Victoria in 2013 when I secured a job as an executive manager of community health services. When I started WinAtLife (WAL) in March 2018 I was a typical strung out, overworked, and stressed out executive manager that was miserable in herself and in her work which flowed over to my family life. WAL was my saviour during a really tough time for me, this is no exaggeration when I reflect back on how far I have come, I hate to think where I would be if I had not found WAL. Kitty, Craig and all the WAL coaches showed me a new way of being and living. WAL has given me a platform of nutrition, exercise and support that has healed me from the inside out. I will be am so grateful to have found WAL when I did.

I qualified as a physiotherapist in New Zealand (NZ) 23 years ago and am currently registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (I am legit to practice as a physio in Australia). I am grateful to now be working as part of the WAL team as the Injury Management Coach. There is so much research out there that proves lifting weights is good for everyone, even severely osteoporotic women in their 70s and 80s! I genuinely believe regardless of age, injury or medical diagnosis every person can and should be lifting weights to build a stronger physical foundation. Some people may need some modifications to their weightlifting programs, which is what I am here to help with. Building a strong physical and nutritional foundation (following the WAL method) helps people to live happier, longer and more fulfilling lives. I am but one testimony to this fact.

My name is Rio Cessa Almanzor. I’m a single mother of a precious 4-year old little girl. I’ve been with NuStrength as an overseas Admin/Coaching support person from the Philippines for over a year now and it’s been a super amazing year with the company!

Living in a highly urbanised city in a developing country with all the traffic jams and dusty roads, working from home is everyone's dream. More so, if you're a parent who wants to spend more time with your kids without the sacrifice of being gone most days and times that you're hustling to make ends meet. Prior to NuStrength, I worked in a couple of corporate companies here in my country and all didn’t work out for me. The reason was always because I had no work-life balance. The kind of industry I was working with didn’t have that much opportunity for me to live my life. It was very difficult to receive holiday leave so I could travel or at least spend time with my family. Worse, was that it only pays just enough for me to eat 3 meals a day and pay all my monthly bills and expenses. To add more challenges to that, I got pregnant in a most odd time and I wasn’t prepared for it emotionally and financially. The father of my child didn’t even want to do anything about me and the child so I had to man up myself. Playing the victim won’t help raise the little angel inside me. I got to be tough. I have to double my effort and hustle harder ‘cause I now have another mouth to feed. I tried selling used clothes online. I even joined an investment scheme company (without having any idea it was a scam) for the hopes of having a better life and future for myself and my child. When all seemed getting too blurry, I had a friend who introduced me to home-based online jobs. To cut a long story short, I got into it as I am able to have so much time for myself and my kid. It wasn’t that easy at first as I also had encountered a difficult boss during my online job career, but when you love what you’re doing, having a tough boss will never be an excuse for you not to do what you need to do. You will learn so much from difficult people. Their personality exists for a reason. Fast forward, after my contract ended with my previous client, I met NuStrength. I’ve already been to several companies (corporate and online) but this one’s totally different from them. It’s superb! When I started with NuStrength, there were only 5 of us who did the weekly huddle and then the number of clients we just had back then was no less than 200, if I’m not mistaken. Now, it’s been just over a year and our numbers have more than doubled! I didn’t doubt that it’ll happen ‘cause Kitty is one of the most awesome company owners I’ve ever met. Plus, the coaches and all the people behind NuStrength's success are all gorgeous inside and out. And I’m not saying it just because I am an employee of this company and that I require to say good things about it, I am saying this because NuStrength, the owners, and the coaches deserve a shout out for how amazing they are in working so hard to help women feel good about themselves all-out. The increasing number of ladies joining NuStrength and its WinAtLife program – the company’s success speaks it all.

Hi there! I'm Marie Torreon, daughter, sister and friend. I am a dedicated person and I enjoy meeting new people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience.

Now, I am a proud member of NuStrength as their admin assistant. Need help, questions about your account? Remember, Marie is the name and assisting you is my game.