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Not quite ready to commit to our WinAtLife program?

Our Build Your Foundation membership is the perfect option to get you started!






Monthly Strength Training Program

Every 5 weeks Craig will release a new strength training program. In Foundation 1 there will also be a 3 level beginners' program to teach you how to perform the 3 big lifts correctly. If you're new to lifting or you need to brush up on your technique this will be the perfect place to start. We also include videos and instructions on how to perform your strength test so you can move onto the intermediate/advanced program once you have nailed your technique.

Full Video Exercise Library

Full video exercise library with over 100 videos including stability and warm-up exercises.

$10 off our two supplements Nugel & Progest-e

Every time you purchase Nugel and Progest-e you get $10 off each.

Recipe Books

You get access to both our amazing recipe books - F**king Easy Food Prep, which will be updated monthly with new recipes, as well as our Advanced Recipe Book.


In this section, we show you how to set your starting macronutrient targets/calories and then test and measure to find the right balance for you. Extensive MyFitnessPal 'how to' video library. How to do your meal plans in MyFitnessPal with example videos from Craig. Nutrition PDFs including:

Food List, Meal Ideas, Beef Liver Pate Recipe, Extra Notes & Tips, F**king Easy Food Prep Recipe Book, Advanced Recipe Book, Fibre Handout, Foods You Don't Need To Track, Meal Planning Template, Meal Plans For Beginners, Nutrients Required For a Strong Metabolism, Supplements Guide, Commonly Used Foods Macro Values.

Troubleshooting lessons with extra hints and tips. WAL approved packaged food tab (by country) which will be updated monthly so you can find all the goodies. Supplement information and guidance.Tracking sheet.

Interviews with the Experts

Each time we release a new training program we will also include four new interviews from the experts. Emma Sgourakis — the Nutrition Coach — Kate Deering — author of How to Heal Your Metabolism — Danny Roddy and Craig McDonald.